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Tania D'ettorre

Louise the owner of Pups Go Walking and her team, are devoted to providing her customers with the highest quality, of professional pet care available for dogs by offering personal service to the dogs and their parents. Providing peace of mind to pet owners who struggle with the guilt of having to leave their precious dogs at home when they travel or work long hours.

Louise Kyei-Balffour

I've had a very interesting life so far, I never thought I would be running my own business, after college. I graduated college with a degree in music technology. My goal was to further my education and follow my love for music and become a film composer. It wasn't until the end of that chapter in my education did I realized how tired I was of the endless studying preparing for exams. Not to mention the meaningless minimum wage jobs associated with being a teenage college student. I noticed during the summer after I had graduated with my degree that, I needed a break and I had to keep busy with something. 


In 2014, I took a gap year from my education. Whilst finding myself through work, there was a lot of dog videos and some cat ones too. I have a cat but he's not very tame, the guy chases foxes for fun!


 But I've always wanted a dog, with all my spare time I began watching Crufts. Then it was training videos, all of a sudden I was watching back to back episodes of Victoria Stilwell, and Caesar Millan's the dog whisperer. Every single day, at that point having a dog, became my obsession. 


I researched every single dog breed under the sun, I arrived at the idea that it had to be.



longer lifespan


and trainable

I ended up getting a beagle, I compromised on trainability for cuteness. I applied everything I learned into raising my pup. Being a beagle mum, made me brainstorm what I really wanted to do. I hated leaving my Ellie pup alone for most of the day, I knew I wanted to work from home and spend time with her. So naturally, I came to the conclusion of playing with dogs all day.


The rest is History. I started working as dog walker almost immdiently, Initial started the business as Trusting tails. But that name never really connected with me. Almost two years later I changed my business name to Pups Go Walking. "Pups" came from the nickname Ellie pup, I would also nickname the dogs "pups", it made sense to me to merge "pups" into the business.

 I still love the wiggle tails and the lovely comments from my clients, after being in this profession for so many years. I am proud of the business I have started, I hope it continues to both challenge me and reward me, I feel I'm doing my dream job.


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