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Play. Rest. Repeat


 All our dog walkers are trained


canine first aid ! 

Did you


We do

older dog visits 

Puppy visits


Did you


1 Dog £30 

2 Dogs £55

Puppy daycare(under 1)

   1 Dog £40   

2 Dogs £75


 1 Dog £40    

2 Dogs £80

All our daycare dogs stay with us for up to 8 hours!


 For a friendly relaxed home from home environment, we run our daycare from our home.

we're based in Highbury new park, Islington, N5 2EU 

We're a five-minute walk away from Clissold park

ten minutes walk away from New rivers walk

 a fifteen-minute walk from Highbury fields 

We are in the heart of london, unlike most daycares we prefer to be closer to our clients, rather than outside or at the edge of London.


 Your dog will be picked up between 9-10 am

Our Doggy daycare is a daily treat! We take our pups out for hours of fun.

 After everyone is collected your dog will be taken straight to one of our chosen parks for a mid-morning play. Daycare starts & finishes with a group walk, where the dogs are supervised and encouraged to play and engage with one another.


How often?

We require you to commit to booking at least one day a week with us. We’re aware that everyone schedule changes, therefore, we want to be as flexible as possible, but regularity and continuity are important to a thriving happy pack. You can book in as far in advance as possible.


Where do you go?

Our favourite spots to walk are:

Hampstead heath

Clissold park, Finsbury park,

Parkland walk, Tottenham marshes, Hackney marshes 



Drop off time is between 5-6 pm

Before you know it your dog is back in your arms, we like to do a quick look over, to check for ticks. All

Muddy paws and bellies are wiped off. 

Dogs must be up to date on their vaccinations. We will no longer accept dogs that aren't spayed or neutered. That has a history of aggression or behaviour that is threatening to others including dogs and members of the public. We operate in a cage-free environment.





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