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The best dog friendly pubs in London!

I love a dog friendly pub, whether I have my dog with me or not! A dog friendly pub usually means that I get to meet a new fluffy friend and get licked to kingdom come while I enjoy a beer. I am quite lucky that Polar (my awesome Labrador) and I have lots of excellent dog friendly pubs a short walk from my house, but in London, it can be tricky to find a good dog friendly pub. What I mean by a good dog friendly pub is one that actively wants dogs in their pub, not just tolerates them. This is vastly different. At a brilliant dog friendly pub, he can expect a five-star treatment and be allowed to roam and butt into everyone’s conversation for a stroke. At a pub that is tolerant of dogs, they can expect to be bored, sitting in a corner on their lead.

Well, thankfully, there are plenty of amazing dog friendly pubs in London. We've made a list of our favourites below, but there are plenty more to choose from. We've tried to cover lots of different areas of London with our list so you and your dog will never be caught short for a pint and good old time in London no matter where you are!

The Rose and Crown, Wimbledon

This pub is really close to some amazing dog walks and nature. It is in Wimbledon, on the outskirts of the city. The Rose and Crown dates back to the 1600s, and it has a lovely old-fashioned vibe to it. It is a great place to go and have a drink with friends after work or take your dog for a weekend brew. They will love it! It isn’t the biggest pub, so you may be better off sitting outside with him on a warm day, and it may be best to avoid it during the tennis season, what with all the balls flying around, it could get a little hectic!

The Porchester, Notting Hill

Ooo we went to Notting Hill, we feel fancy now! The Porchester is a lovely, traditional pub that is very dog friendly. It has a lovely selection of drinks and some delicious food too. This pub is great if you live in the local area, you can grab a quick bite on your lunch break, or you can go for a long peaceful lunch after a lovely dog walk. They may even have a dish on their menu that really excites your dog too, but if he is anything like Polar, he’ll just be happy licking the server's hands for a while!

The Narrow Boat, Islington

The Narrow Boat is the perfect place for a pint if you have just had a lovely dog walk on Regents Canal. If you are a fan of really good beer, then there’s great news for you too. The Narrow Boat has some lovely cask conditioned ales; they are awesome! They also do some amazing food and may even be happy to cook up a healthy plate for your pup if they aren’t too busy. The Narrow Boat welcomes pups with open arms. As long he is a well-behaved doggo, he'll always be welcome in The Narrow Boat.

The Coach Makers Arms, Marylebone

The Coach Makers Arms is one of my favourites on this list. When you arrive and you sit down with one of their great selection of ales, they will bring over a bowl of fresh water for your dog. If he is well behaved during your visit, he may also get a little something from the kitchen too. You’ll have a great time at this modern gastropub; it has great food, superb drinks and the staff always make time to say hello to your dog.

The Great Exhibition, East Dulwich

Dogs are welcome at all times at The Great Exhibition. You should expect your dog to have a lot of fuss from the servers. He will also get a fresh bowl of water when he arrives and as many biscuits as you allow the staff to give him. Loads is going on at this pub, and it can get pretty busy at times, but the staff always make time for a new fluffy face or a regular fluffy face! They love dogs and this really shows the moment you walk through the door.

We hope our favourite dog friendly pubs in London will soon become yours too. Don’t forget to check out our other posts for more tail wagging goodness!

By Scott Partington

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