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Collars and harness which one?

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

What is going to be the most comfortable? Harness or collar? You have so much choice online, in the pet store. Don't worry there is no "right choice" for your dog, it's whatever makes your dog and you have to feel comfortable. But what ever you choose; remember to micro chip and put ID with your name, number and address on your dog's

collar or harness. This is very important if you ever want to see your dog again after lost him.

Let's look at leashes first, after all they're the tool that keeps you comfortable and your dog safe. I personally love padded leash handles over leather ones. This is because my dog sometimes gets ahead of herself, and often stops suddenly to smell interesting things, which isn't the most comfortable feeling for my hands.

How does your dog behave on a walk? If your dog is a faster walker than you. Some examples; he like chasing squirrels or is always up for playing with dogs which may lead to him lunging towards others. You might want to avoid tools that allows him to pull. I.e harnesses.

Stear clear of harness if your dog is a puller or walks slower than you. Let me address the first point, unless you purchase a anti-pulling harness, a normal harness will work against you. The harness is designed for pulling purposes, think sleigh dogs Huskies and Alaskan Malmutes. They use harnesses not only to pull their weight around but the weight of passengers and cargo for miles at a time. The intention of the harness is to take away the restricting confinements of your average collar, instead the straps are placed around the body. All of the dog's strength comes from it's body.

Vise versa if you have a dog that walks slower than you, putting a harness on them might make the dog become resistant to walking with you. This is because the straps behind their front legs are forcing them forward, making it uncomfortable them. In these cases I suggest ditching the harness and going for a collar, I suggest trying a halti for your puller and a regular nylon flat buckle collar for your slower walker.

Harness are for your guys in between, the dogs that happily keep pace with you and know how to walk with their best friend.

I hope you found this post helpful in making a decision. Best wishes on your doggy adventures.

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