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How long can I walk my puppy?

Congratulations on getting your new puppy! These are exciting times, your pup might be full of beans one second and down and out the next. Once they're fully grown you are free to take out for as long as you like. The recommend time is at least 1 hour once a day.

It's a crazy cute time, especially if this your first puppy, you'll be surprised and somewhat confused on how this puppy parenthood should go. Well done to you for not winging it, knowledge will stop you from those rookie mistakes.

First of all take it easy, learn to play fun games with your pup. Start the bonding process as early as possible, simple games such as tug of war, hide & seek and fetch are fun and great ways to drained a puppy's extra energy. That's the key short play sessions and short walks. Starting at the age of eight weeks old, you want to get the okay from your vets first. 5 minutes 2 times a day is all you need, that's lunchtime and evening. Any more is going to be too much on their growing little bones, you see if you walk your little guy for too long or treat him like a fully grown adult dog. Bone can be really damaged, this could mean that unintentionally you could stunt their growth. That could lead to all sorts of nasty problems.

If you find that your little puppy is all over you when you get in, try things to challenge him mentally, like a puzzle game. These are great, not only are they entertaining for your puppy but fun to watch him figure it out too. For every month your puppy gets older add five more minutes on too a walk. i.e. if your puppy is 4 months old she can have a 20-minute walk max.

Once they're fully grown you are free to take out for as long as you like.

We recommend at least walking your 1 hour once a day, make sure to look out for dog sitting services if you find regular potty breaks are a struggle. We do excellent puppy visits check it out some time

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