Your questions answered by Louise Balffour: Pups Go Walking owner


What services do you offer?

Pups Go Walking provides invaulable in home personal care for your dogs. We offer dog walking in packs of five or one-on-one. Bespoke boarding in our sitter's home, daycare and half daycare if you'll be gone all day.

How will I know my dog is having a good time with you?

We know that being apart from your dog can be worrying, regardless of who you trust to look after them, neighbour, life long friend, or aunt. Not to worry we keep that in mind. Our clients can have detailed reports of their dog left for them for when they get home, Or (this is the fun part) clients have the option of seeing their dog out and about with others on our social media pages.

Why should I use a pet sitting service?

For the health benefits for your dog, including developing invaluable social skills, mental stimulation and positive reinforcment. Pet sitting offers more benefits to your pooch than just 6 hours in the house bored out of their mind. Having a dog walker to break up the day for your dog can do wonders! Not to mention the company they'll get!

Do you let the dogs off leash?

We prefer to walk the dogs off leash because we love to see them run and play. We take all dogs to enclosed parks and offer them treats to encourage them to stay with us and for good behaviour. For those dogs that aren't well trained our sitter will simply attach a long 9ft leash to the dog so they are still free to play with others.

What time do your sitters start their daily rounds?

For week day dog walks: 9-10 am 11-2pm (midday dog walks are our most popular services) For daycare our sitters will arrive between 9-10 am and drop off between 5-6pm

What method of payment do you accept?

We only accept debit card or credit card via bank transfer. Client's can easliy do this on their online client portal. Payment is due prior to the start of service.

When do you send out invoices?

We give the client the option of paying every week or every fortnight. Invoices can be tracked and paid for on the client portal, this account is created by the admin team after the registration forms are handed in. Clients are sent their invoices directly via email prior to the start of service.

How do I schedule services?

After the initial registration meeting the clients are sent an email with their client portal information. With this information the clients can log in to their portal, and schedule and manage services.

How many dogs do you walk at once?

All of our dog walkers are insured to care for up to 6 dogs for our group walks, we choose to walk only 5 dogs in a pack. We believe 5 dogs are more manageble. If that's still too big of a pack we also provide one-on-one private dog walks.

Do you offer a pet taxi service?

Unfortunately no, we stick to the simpler services, such as dog walks, daycare and in home boarding.

I have an irregular work schedule, can I still become a client?

Of course! As long as we are given at least a days notice, we'll be able to fit you in. We also have an online scheduling system, so you can schedule services when it's most convinent to you.

What will happen if my sitter is sick?

Our meet and greets are very important, not only do you get know your primary sitter but you'll also meet your secondary sitter. In the unfortunate event your primary sitter becomes ill your secondary sitter will step into their place.

What is Pups Go Walking cancellation policy?

Since I understand what it’s like to have a busy and ever-changing schedule I have implemented an extremely flexible cancellation policy. To receive your refund from us you must cancel before: Dog Walks (for those that use us on a weekly continuous basis) 24 hours notice Daycare: 48 hours notice Overnight Boarding: 10 days notice

Can I schedule through my sitter?

No, we don't recommend scheduling through a sitter, your sitter doesn't have access to your online client portal so may forget to inform the manager. Ultimately your dog won't be seen to for that day. We highly recommend you using your own client portal to schedule all services.

What will happen if my dog becomes sick and I'm not around?

If your dog becomes sick whilst in our care we will attempt to contact you, before transporting your dog to the local vets. We will either bring your dog to your registered veterinary practice or bring your dog to one of our listed vets.

What is a registration meeting?

Our registration meeting aka meet and greet. Is a chance for you to ask all the questions you need to get to know our services and your assigned Pups Go Walking sitters prior to the start of their service. During this meeting your sitter will introduce themselves, spend some quality time with the dog, confirm and review the information about the home and dog care routine (e.g. vet information, emergency contact, special requests, etc.) We do NOT provide any service until this meeting has taken place. There is a fee of £15 fee for the registration meeting. This fee covers administrative costs related to your account creation, as well as compensation for the sitter’s time.

After the registration meeting, I can start scheduling services?

Yes, of course you can! You'll be provided with unique log-in information for your client portal account. From this client portal you will be able to schedule service, check your calendar and update your billing information. All scheduling will be submitted as a request and will be confirmed during our business hours 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.

How will you get my dog to the park?

Our dog sitters will transport your dog in a secure vehicle, we only employ dog carers above the age of 25 years old with a full uk driving licence.